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Steps to Settle Your Spirit

Our society is set up so that we are never satisfied with what we have—because we are not satisfied with who we are. “More, more, more,” is the mantra we use to fill this gap. But this attachment to having and not being removes the ability for our divine higher self to activate in our life. We are so busy doing that we can’t be. This creates a state of upset where we are running everywhere but never arriving anywhere.

Do you feel like things are never done? Do you feel there is never anything you are settled in? Do you have FOMO? The steps below to settle our spirits into being, not doing, are for you.

Practice Meditation to Grow Mindfulness

Meditation helps us silence the inner voice that is always asking for more and get to know ourselves without it. Not just what we aim to grow into, achieve, or acquire but where we are in the present. Meditation is practiced in many forms aimed to address different aspects of our consciousness. As we become aware of patterns in our thoughts, we can address them better and more thoughtfully. Meditation is a great way to start practicing satisfaction with what is present.

Rejoice in Nature’s Diversity and Lessons

When going inward can’t quiet your restless feelings, go outward. The benefits of being in nature for our mindset are deeply twined in our bodies with the energy of life. Seeing the diversity of nature around us in all seasons is full of lessons on how to be satisfied with what is.

For instance, think of the incredible advice we can learn from a plant. Be okay with growing slowly, sink your roots deep…and drink lots of fresh clean water.

Volunteer and Help Yourself by Helping Others

Helping yourself is excellent, but helping others expresses the energy in your spirit in a more productive way. Rather than acquiring or seeking the next best thing, you are focused on making something that exists better than it is. This is very satisfying to our souls, and opportunities can be found that align with all interests. From picking up trash in the neighborhood to working in your local soup kitchen or food pantry, there is always something big or small that can be done for others and feed our creation for compassion.

Work With a Coach for Outside Perspective and Accountability

The last thing you can do to settle your spirit is talk to someone. While a coach is not always a therapist, professionals like an intention and mindfulness coach bring outside perspective and accountability that you cannot get from friends and family. As much as they might like to, the people who know us can’t always speak to our fears in a refreshing fashion, because they have in some cases lived them with us. Working with a coach gains you outside perspective through a goals-focused lens. This is an investment in your own growth and success, and why professionals like me take our jobs so seriously.

If you are looking for someone to trust with your journey into self-discovery and alignment, I am here for you. Let’s chat and see if it’s a fit.

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